In 2017, the Clean Economy Alliance launched a series of webinars to build climate and energy literacy among CEA members and the public. In each session, one or more alliance members showcase case-studies, research, and innovations that will support and inspire Ontario`s transition to a low carbon economy.

Previous webinars:


Ontario has proposed a new system to regulate and price carbon for industrial polluters, similar to the federal government’s Output-Based Pricing System.

How does this Industrial Emission Performance Standards (EPS) system compare to the federal Output-Based Pricing System, which is already in place in Ontario? How will this play out in the emerging carbon pricing events unfolding in Ontario? How are industry participants reacting? Hear from experts closely following this proposal.


• Katie Sullivan – International Emissions Trading Association – Access Katie’s slides here

• Isabelle Turcotte and Robin Edger – Pembina Institute – Access Pembina’s slides here

• Michael Berends – ClearBlue Markets – Access Michael’s slides here

JANUARY 2019: funding the future – ONTARIO’S CARBON TRUST

The proposed $350 million Ontario Carbon Trust aims to use public funds to leverage private investment in climate solutions in Ontario. How can Ontario’s fund be structured for maximum climate impact? How has this idea worked – or not worked – in other jurisdictions like Australia? Is the fund large enough to achieve Ontario’s emissions reduction goals?


• Julia Langer – CEO, The Atmospheric Fund

• Keith Brooks – Programs Manager, Environmental Defence

• Justin Johnson – Head: Global Strategic Markets, MMR, LLC


In the next six months Ontario will undergo a fundamental shift from cap-and-trade to the federal carbon pricing backstop. Join us for an in-depth talk and panel discussion with industry experts on how this shift will impact Ontario’s environment and economy.


– Dave Sawyer (Environmental Economist, EnviroEconomics)
– Robyn Gray (Vice President, Sussex Strategy)
– Dale Marshall (National Program Manager, Environmental Defence) 

– Bennett Chin (Project Manager, ClimeCo)
– Jacqueline Wilson (Counsel, Canadian Environmental Law Association)

JUNE 2018: Fighting climate change through impact investing

CEA members like CoPower, TREC, TAF and SolarShare are taking action on climate change through impact investing, which generates positive social and environmental benefits alongside financial returns. In this livestreamed panel discussion, we explore how these investments work on a broad scale to support a transition to renewable energy, energy efficiency in buildings, and other positive climate action.

Jennifer Macdonald – Manager, Impact Investing, Copower
Rob Grand – General Manager, SolarShare
Stephanie Pinnington – Marketing & Engagement Manager, Tapestry Community Capital
TBD – The Atmospheric Fund 

APRIL 2018| Looking Back: Year One of Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan

Looking Back: Year One of Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan


A panel discussion on Ontario’s climate action progress in 2017, building on the CEA’s recent progress report.

Since the launch of cap-and-trade and Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan, how have new programs and policies impacted Ontario’s economy, communities, businesses, and the health of everyday residents? What’s missing, what could be improved, and where did Ontario make most progress?


Keith Brooks: Environmental Defence
Nancy Palardy: Office of the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario
Gabriella Kalapos: Clean Air Partnership
Martin Vroegh: Ontario Centres of Excellence
Kim Perrotta: Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE) 

JAN 2018| Fuel for Thought: How Low Carbon Fuel Standards can Help Meet Ontario’s Climate Goals

Ontario is developing a Renewable Fuels Standard, and proposing changes to existing regulations for transportation fuels like ethanol and diesel. Speakers will discuss recent developments in Ontario, at the federal level with the proposed Clean Fuel Standard, as well as lessons learned from California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard.


Tom Rand: Senior Advisor, Cleantech – MaRS CleanTech
Doug Hooper: Director, Policy and Regulation – Advanced Biofuels
John Shears: Centre for Energy Efficiency & Renewable Technologies (CEERT)
Keith Brooks: Programs Director – Environmental Defence

NOV 2017| Counteracting Carbon: Offset Credits in Ontario’s Cap-and-Trade Program

Offsets are coming to Ontario in 2018. Learn more about the implementation and potential impacts of offsets, which would allow cap-and-trade participants to buy credits for initiatives that avoid or reduce greenhouse gas pollution, and use them to meet a percentage of their compliance obligation.

Participants from the energy and environmental sector will discuss the pros and cons of offsets, and lessons learned from programs in other jurisdictions like California.


Jamie MacKinnon: VP of Environmental Solutions at BlueSource Canada
Keith Brooks: Programs Director at Environmental Defence
Louise Comeau: Director of the Environment and Sustainable Development Research Centre (ESDRC) at the University of New Brunswick

SEPT 2017| The Future of Buildings in Ontario – Updating the Building Code for a Changing Climate

Almost one quarter of Ontario’s carbon pollution comes from buildings. The Ontario Building Code is currently under review, and changes to the code hold potential for both emission reduction and cost-savings for families and companies from reduced energy use.

Join us September 11th from 12:00pm – 1:00pm EST to learn about how the Ontario Building Code relates to climate change, and to walk through the Clean Economy Alliance’s recommendations for updating the Code.

Webinar hosts include Dave Ramslie, Principal at the Integral Group, Bryan Purcell, Director of Policy and Programs at The Atmospheric Fund and Keith Brooks, Programs Director at Environmental Defence.

APRIL 2017| Achieving Synergies in Land Use Planning

With billions of investment pending, making sure new transit infrastructure delivers significant increases in ridership is critical to reducing GHG emissions. The Growth Plan and Regional Transportation Plan are currently under review. Will they do what’s needed to make real inroads into auto dependence, congestion and GHGs in the Toronto region?

Join Pamela Blais, Urban planner and Principal of Metropole Consultants and Marcy Burchfield, Executive Director at The Neptis Foundation as they discuss how the Greater Golden Horseshoe – representing one-quarter of the national economy and two-thirds of the provincial economy – can plan for low-carbon prosperity.

FEBRUARY 2017 | Shining a Light on Ontario’s Energy Costs

Interested to Learn more about Ontario’s Energy Costs? The Clean Economy Alliance (CEA) presents Shining a Light on Ontario’s Energy Costs. Keith Brooks, Campaigns Director at Environmental Defence and Travis Lusney, Director at Power Advisory LLC will walk participants through original research that clarifies the role of renewable energy in bill costs, addresses the misunderstanding around the Global Adjustment charge on electricity bills, and examines how Ontario’s electricity prices and overall bills compare with other provinces, major U.S. cities and European countries. Please join us in building energy literacy.

JANUARY 2017 | Designing Ontario’s Green Bank

January 20th from 2:00pm – 3:00pm EST

Join us for the Clean Economy Alliance webinar on the Ontario Climate Change Solutions Deployment Corporation – previously referred to as the “green bank” – to learn more about the proposed corporation, hear from other jurisdictions and ask questions about the role of a “Green Bank” in driving emission reductions.

Webinar hosts include Karen Glitman, Director of Policy and Public Affairs at Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (Efficiency Vermont has been regarding as somewhat of a model corporation for Ontario to follow), Sarah Petrevan, Senior Policy Advisor at Clean Energy Canada and Bryan Purcell, Director of Policy and Programs at The Atmospheric Fund.