Getting it Right: Design Recommendations for Ontario’s Cap-and-Trade System

Ontario has committed to developing a cap-and-trade program as part of a larger strategy to fight climate change. Getting it Right outlines a series of recommendations about the design of Ontario’s cap-and-trade program, building on the Clean Economy Alliance’s principles on carbon pricing design.

This report charts a path for a cap-and-trade program that is effective, predictable, stringent, fair, transparent and durable. It was developed by consensus with the Alliance’s members and informed by the perspectives of experts on cap-and-trade and the experiences of other jurisdictions.

Cap-and-trade can be an effective tool to reduce emissions, but it’s important that the system be designed well if it is to live up to that promise. Getting it Right outlines a series of recommendations to design a cap-and-trade system that covers the vast majority of emitters, ensures the carbon market remains stable, helps businesses adjust to carbon pricing, and allocates proceeds to carbon reduction initiatives that provide environmental, social and economic benefits to Ontarians.

Download the report here.