We don’t need to choose between a healthy economy and a healthy environment – we can and must have both.

The Clean Economy Alliance is a group of over 100 organizations representing a broad cross-section of Ontarians who have united to support the province of Ontario in showing leadership in addressing the crucial issue of climate change. This Alliance includes prominent Ontario businesses, industry associations, clean tech companies, labour unions, farmers’ groups, health advocates, and environmental organizations.

Alliance members united in April 2015 in support of the Ontario government’s commitment to put a price on carbon pollution and develop a climate change strategy and action plan. Since then, the Alliance has become an influential voice on a suite of pressing climate issues – including the need for electrified transit, smart buildings and infrastructure, low carbon energy and economics, and more.

Ontario has made significant progress tackling climate change. The coal phase out in 2014 was the largest carbon pollution reduction initiative in North America. The release of Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan in 2016 was another big step, paving the way for Ontario to put a price on carbon with the Implementation of cap-and-trade, and introduce many other complementary policies to shift towards a thriving low-carbon economy. Yet, there is still more to do.

The years ahead will be a critical period for Ontario’s climate change efforts. The Clean Economy Alliance will continue to pursue the development of a low-carbon economy by focusing on a number of climate action priorities, including effective carbon pricing, low carbon transportation, renewable energy, low carbon building, responsible land use planning, and clean technology to tackle climate change and adapt to its impacts.

Not only is reducing pollution is the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do. Efforts to cut carbon pollution will lead to cleaner air, improved personal and public health, new jobs, and new markets and opportunities for Ontario-based businesses in the global clean economy.

The Clean Economy Alliance is coordinated by Environmental Defence, Canada’s most effective environmental action organization that challenges and inspires change in government, business and people to ensure a greener, healthier and prosperous life for all.

Learn more about EDC here: http://environmentaldefence.ca

See EDC’s Clean Economy Alliance Team below:

Keith Brooks | Programs Director (@keithdbrooks)

Keith was born in the ‘burbs just outside Toronto, but his passion for the environment was born in a canoe on the rivers and lakes of Northern Ontario. Keith pursued a Bachelor of Environmental Sciences from the University of Guelph and then worked for a number of years in the environmental consulting field, before enrolling at York University where he earned a Master of Environmental Studies. The move from scientist and consultant to advocate was provoked by the recognition that more science cannot solve the environmental challenge on its own. Our challenge lies not in knowing what must be done, but in doing it. We cannot choose between the environment and the economy. We can and must have both. It is this outlook which ultimately led Keith to his current role as the Program Director at Environmental Defence.

Sarah Buchanan | Program Manager, Clean Economy

Sarah began her environmental activism at age six, when she proudly began wearing a t-shirt with the word RECYCLE spelled out in silver sequins. Once the shirt disintegrated from overuse, she moved on to naturalizing her schoolyard, biking, hiking, camping, and learning about compost. In her professional life, Sarah has worked for the last 15 years in advocacy, media, and politics in both Ontario and British Columbia. She has worked for a City Councillor, managed programming at an independent radio station, led advocacy campaigns, and helped create a non-profit organization to empower young women in music. She was inspired to join Environmental Defence’s team through a desire to drive swift action on climate change, and now works as the Program Manager for the Clean Economy program in Ontario

Allen Braude | Communications Manager

Allen loves sharing information. He also loves movies, music, running, riding his bike through the Greenbelt, and breathing the fresher air ever since Ontario shut down its coal plants. Allen’s interest in the environment led him to work for Greenpeace. He holds a degree in film studies from Simon Fraser University and has worked for a variety of film festivals, including the Toronto International Film Festival where he was co-director of learning. He was also Communications Manager at Rethink Breast Cancer where he helped produce documentaries that told the stories of young women facing breast cancer. Allen is excited to be working with Environmental Defence, where he can fuse his enthusiasm for environmental issues with his passion for sharing stories.