Here’s why more than 60 organizations came together to call for an effective climate change plan in Ontario.


Climate change is no longer just an environmental issue. It’s a health issue, an economic issue, and above all, a human issue. That’s why organizations and businesses from many sectors came together to sign on to a letter calling for Ontario’s government to build an effective, comprehensive plan to address climate change.

The Clean Economy Alliance’s letter signatories include nurses, steelworkers, engineers, environmental advocates, architects, teachers, solar panel installers, financiers, investors, doctors, and small business owners. Together, we create jobs, improve our health, and build opportunities for Ontarians in the local and global clean economy.

We came together to push back against the idea that addressing climate change and growing Ontario’s economy are at odds. In a world where global economic momentum is shifting rapidly to low carbon technologies, the best way to grow Ontario’s economy is by helping businesses and individuals transition to clean, lower-cost, energy-efficient solutions. We can make our province more competitive and healthy, and reduce carbon pollution at the same time.

Ontario will continue to face escalating costs from the impacts of climate change. Everyday Ontarians are paying the growing financial and social costs of extreme weather. They’re cleaning up flooded basements, evacuating homes threatened by forest fires, and suffering health impacts from polluted air and extreme heat. Ontario can’t afford to walk away from taking strong action on climate change.

Ontario’s new government moved swiftly to cancel cap-and-trade and the programs that were funded by the revenue the program raised. They are also moving forward with a law that will cancel the province’s climate targets. With no climate plan or programs currently in place , no targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and no system to put a price on pollution, Ontario risks pumping more carbon pollution into the atmosphere every day, putting our future at risk.

Ontario’s government has committed to creating a new climate change plan, and we want to make sure this plan includes real solutions to transition to low carbon technologies and address the primary sources of carbon pollution in Ontario, as well as strong targets to reduce polluting emissions and proper public consultation.

You can take action by telling the government of Ontario that you want to see an effective plan to fight climate change.

Here’s a snapshot highlighting a few of the Clean Economy Alliance members who signed on to our letter, and why they did.

Shareholder Association for Research and Education (SHARE)

SHARE is a Canadian leader in responsible investment services, research and education. We work with a growing network of institutional investors helping them to become active owners and develop and implement responsible investment policies and practices.

Why did SHARE sign onto the open letter?


SHARE supports a just transition to a low-carbon economy. Long-term institutional investors have a key interest in a sustainable economy, and SHARE’s approach to addressing climate risk is based on the understanding that to tackle climate change, we need to shift our whole economy to a low-carbon economy. In order to get there, Ontario needs an effective climate change plan in place. Effective climate policy and regulations play an essential role in tacking climate change.


Why do we need an effective plan to address climate change in Ontario?


We see a pressing need for Ontario to set a clear path towards a low-carbon economy that is aligned with Canada’s international commitments and keeps global warming within a safe limit to avoid the most disastrous impacts of climate change. Given the momentum behind climate action across Canada and globally, it is imperative that Ontario’s plan reflects the scale and pace of the opportunities and risks that climate change presents.


Asthma Canada

Asthma Canada is a national, volunteer-driven charity, solely devoted to enhancing the quality of life for people living with asthma and respiratory allergies.

Why did Asthma Canada sign onto the open letter?

Asthma Canada signed onto the open letter because we see the negative impacts that air pollution and climate change have on our community. Having an effective plan for climate change is vital to the health of everyone in Ontario and all of Canada.


Why do we need an effective plan to address climate change in Ontario?

Climate change is a health issue. For people with asthma, the air we breathe affects the way we live. When you can’t breathe because of air pollution, you can’t work, go to school or live your life freely. That’s why it’s time to move forward with an effective strategy for climate change in Ontario.

Geosource Energy

Geosource Energy is a leading commercial provider of geothermal energy in Ontario.

Why did Geosource Energy sign the open letter? 


Geosource Energy signed the open letter because we think it is extremely important that effective action on climate change mitigation and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction be taken, and that strong commitment be given to the issue with high priority. We are committed to working towards reducing carbon emissions and we are convinced the people of Ontario can do the same.


Why do we need an effective plan to address climate change in Ontario?

Climate change is a serious threat to the planet and the people and other life that share it.  Without reduction of fossil fuel carbon emissions, climate scientists state that global warming could be catastrophic.  It is a gamble we do not think can be taken in good conscience.


But interestingly, an effective plan to address Ontario’s GHG emissions will result in a stronger Ontario economy short- and long-term and give Ontario opportunity to be leaders in clean tech, providing opportunity well beyond Ontario.


You can find a copy of the CEA’s open letter here.